Planning On Buying A Pool?

Buying a pool or more likely having one built can do wonders for the appearance and value of your property. But looking after it is an entirely different thing. Its hard work. Pool care is also a science. If your pool is unhygienic you are exposing yourself to germs. Bacteria can, well not only can, but will multiply rapidly in water, and especially if your pool is left untreated. On hot days your pool will be a breeding frenzy for bugs and bacteria that can actually kill you.

But dont worry there are plenty of automated tips you can learn from websites like that can show you how to clean your pool with automatic pool cleaners, and chemically balance your pool, all on auto pilot. Automated solutions like chlorinators, robotic pool cleaners, pumps and filters all set correctly will keep your pool in check


It is still imperative to check your pool regularly to make sure your pool ph levels are within safe limits, the scope of which is just too long to go into here.

One way to get up to speed with pool maintenance is by joining online pool forums. You can have a search for these on Google, and youll find a lot. The great thing is youll find lots of experienced pool owners who are more than willing to share their knowledge. People just love to talk, and even more so when someone actually wants to hear their message.

And then theres the ever present Facebook which has tonnes of pool care groups. This is probably a lot more versatile than most forums as I find it a lot more responsive, and in some cases the responses are immediate as everyone has FB wired into their phones. Plus many people post videos of their pool set ups and you might even find something familiar to yours or see a new product that will make your life so much easier.

Its also a good idea to have a pool technicians number handy in the event any emergency situations occur. You might have a chlorine leak that has overloaded your pool. Bad for swimmers and also any equipment you have like heaters, pumps and filters. High levels of chlorine can be extremely corrosive and can damage sensitive parts of your equipment. Pool equipment aint cheap neither, so you dont want it to get damaged as parts and servicing can cost hundreds or even thousands to put right.

Chat with people you know that have or have owned pools in the past. They can be a wealth of knowledge, like what equipment is good, what to avoid, and what can make your life easier. You may even find that paying a pool maintenance company a monthly retainer is the best most hassle free option for you.

In summary pool ownership involves quite a bit of responsibility. But if you get the upkeep, cleaning and maintenance right it will increase the price of your property and provide you plenty of entertainment.