Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Pool

You have 3 options when it comes to cleaning your pool.

Option 1 Dont Clean It

Not really an option at all, bit of a misnomer. If you dont clean your pool you are insane. Simple as that. Not only will it look like a toxic dump, but anyone that uses it risks gangrene, and a plethora of other diseases and illnesses due to dangerous contaminations that naturally breed in outdoor water.

Option 2 Pay Someone

Pay someone else to clean it. Might be ok if you are mega rich and dont mind having the pool off limits one day a week or a month. Not so good if you dont have the spare cash or want people intruding and forcing you out of the pool.

Option 3 DIY

Do it yourself. This option is fine if you like work, or have loads of spare time. If either or both of these scenarios dont suit you, there is another solution. A somewhat hidden or easier option. You can buy a pool cleaner. A pool cleaner can be put to work by itself, and it can clean your entire pool for you with zero to minimal interaction on your part, depending on the model you opt for.

You can see a list of actual pool cleaner options at bathpoolandspa.com. For now, I will just deal with the varieties of pool cleaners and not the actual models, which are ten-a-penny.

There are 3 types of cleaners, pressure and suction side cleaners link up with your pools filtration system to disregard waste, and robotic pool cleaners which are stand alone and capture dirt in an attached bag. These cleaners work automatically and only require you to switch them on.

With a suction and pressure side cleaner you will have to increase the speed of your pump and the filter while they are working. If you dont have one of these cleaners you will have to do it by hard graft. You will still need tools, just manual ones.

You need a telescopic pole and you need to attach a leaf or a skimmer net onto the end. You then go about the edges of the pool and fish out leaves or debris that are floating on the surface.

Alternatively you can fish out the dirt by hand as you go for a swim. You are going to have to use a sturdy pool brush to clean the side walls, the floor, steps and ladders in your pool. You will certainly get a shoulder and tricep workout. But if you enjoy working then it will be no bother to you.

As with all things for everything automated there is usually a manual way to do the same thing.