Tips On Traveling Light

Packing light may seem an impossible task, especially if youre the kind of person whos been used to paying excess baggage rates when going on a trip. Today, thats going to change because we have come up with easy-to-follow tips on traveling light.
The benefits of traveling light :
No more airport trolley/porter fees.
No excess baggage fees.
Quicker to pack at home and at your hotel.
Comfortable multi-destination trips
Tips for packing light:

Dont use a big suitcase, choose a smaller.
You will fill up whatever bag you use so its better to use a smaller one.

Create a list.
Its easier to pack items if you have a list of what you need. You also avoid putting in items that you dont actually need. It also saves you time when packing your clothes and other needs. Remember to put only the essentials if they are not on your list, they dont go to your luggage.

Invest in a reliable travel scale.
If you travel often, either for work or leisure, its better to buy a travel scale so you dont have to guess the weight of your bag. Youll know how much it weighs while packing so you get to control what goes in your bag.

Compression packing cubes could be a good idea.
You can cut the amount of space your clothes can take up in your suitcase in half. If you dont want your clothes to crease too much, try traveling out with the cubes uncompressed, and then compress your clothes when going home to give you extra space for some souvenirs.

Bring three pairs of shoes only.
Bring pairs that you can wear with anything so you dont have to bring a lot of shoes for every occasion or event. Shoes can be bulky when packed.

If traveling during the winter months, bring lightweight clothing.
Comparing the folded size and weight of a pair of linen trousers to a thin cotton skirt allows you to save a lot of space and weight. When packing for the winter, pack light by purchasing some technical clothing. Youll find some popular brands that carry thin thermal winter coats. You can also pack a pair of tights or leggings so you can wear them under your clothes. These will keep you warm without adding weight to your baggage.

Dont pack a towel.
If youll be staying in a hotel, a towel is most likely supplied, even in smaller hostels (but you have to pay a small fee). Bringing sarong might also be a good idea.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when packing for another trip.