Memory Foam Mattresses – A Buyer’s Guide

Having a good night’s sleep is vital for the functioning of the human body. Regular mattresses provide effective support but many consumers these days are opting for memory foam mattresses. memory foam mattresses offer an ultra-luxurious night’s sleep because they are thicker and conform to the shape of your body much easier.

You are looking at changing over from a regular mattress to a memory foam mattress then you need to consider a number of things including size and the type of memory foam which would suit your needs. Have a look at the following guide before buying your next memory foam mattress.

1. Size of your bed frame
Many people believe that memory foam mattresses are specialty mattresses but what they fail to realize is that memory foam mattresses are available in all standard bed sizes. This allows you to easily pair your new memory foam mattress with your current bed frame. You’ll find the perfect mattress to suit your needs whether you have a space-saving bed or a more luxurious king size bed.

2. Look at different foam types
There are many different types of memory foam mattresses available out there. Make sure that you select the mattress which perfectly suits your needs. Traditional memory foam mattresses offer great support while at the same time they promote better blood circulation. On the other hand, Gel memory foam mattresses are great for those who suffer from chronic pain. They typically contain the same gel which is used in shoe inserts to relieve pressure. Then if you tend to become hot while sleeping you may want to consider an air-cooled mattress which in produced with holes to allow for additional air-flow.

3. Opt for a mattress topper
This might not be an absolute must because memory foam mattresses already offer a high level of comfort, but adding a mattress topper to your memory foam mattress can add extra comfort to your sleep. Many people believe that adding a mattress topper gives then the feeling that they are sleeping on a cloud. If you require additional firmness then you should opt for a latex mattress topper. Latex mattress toppers are available in soft, hard or medium firmness. I recently got a great topper for less than £20 at this cheap mattress sale.

4. The thickness of your mattress
You will be able to find memory foam mattresses in thicknesses of anywhere from 6 inches to 14 inches. A general rule to go by is that the thicker the mattress the softer it will be. It is important to note however that choosing a thinner mattress would not necessarily mean that you won’t have the added benefits of a softer mattress. When buying a new mattress, always keep in mind that the main support structure of your mattress comes from the base foam. Additional layers of the mattress are then added to ensure more comfort.

5. Compare Foam Density
Manufacturers of memory foam mattresses offer high, medium and low-density options. If you are looking for durability, then you should opt for a high-density mattress. Medium density mattresses, on the other hand, offer better motion isolation. Low-density mattresses offer quicker adjustment to your body’s shape. Whichever you opt for make sure that the mattress is suited to your needs as well as the need of your partner.