How To Get A Designer Bedroom On A Shoestring Budget

For a lot of us the decorating process is never really over, Im sure youll agree that at least thats how it feels. Having one of our upholstered beds makes for a great centrepiece in a bedroom, and allows for a lot of creative freedom with the rest of the bedroom. So this makes the creative process a little easier, especially with the amount of choice you get with upholstered beds. You can find some nice upholstered items and mattresses at this mattresses in Leeds shop.

Before getting carried away however, you need to plan the decorating within your budget. If youre working on a shoestring budget youll need some innovative, and inexpensive ideas. Regardless of what your budget may be, the less you can spend, and the more you can do yourself the more satisfying the end result will be.

With this in mind, here are some ideas on how to get a designer bedroom on a shoestring budget.

Give mirrors a faux frame

If you have a mirror hanging on a bare wall and youre stuck for ideas, paint a faux frame around it. This works wonders to add a unique, artsy angle to the mirror. Its easy to do, costs very little, and the possibilities are limitless. So let your creative side take over, and make the mirror stand out.

Add some wall decals

Have you noticed all of modern, wonderful, wall decors being used when browsing through home style magazines? Wall decals are very popular right now, its a quick and inexpensive way to give walls a unique personality. You can buy stencils to help, its a really quick and easy process.

Give you side tables a fresh coat of paint

Its one of the oldest tricks in the book, but still one of the most effective and cost effective ways to make a difference. When changing larger pieces of furniture you can paint smaller items like side tables instead of replacing them.

Upgrade older items

If you have some treasured items of furniture, upgrading them is a cost effective way of modernising. You can replace the handles and rollers on draws to give them a new lease of life, or reshape an old mirror.

Add some decorative books

Its no coincidence that designer bedrooms in magazines often have bookshelves stacked with books. No, its not a regression on modern technology, its a modern decorative decision. You can cover the books in the paper of your choice, incorporate the colour scheme you are working to and add some punchy patterns as desired.

Use chalkboard paint on a focal wall

If you have not heard of chalkboard paint, its paint that does exactly as it sounds. Paint a wall with the product and you have a chalkboard to work with. This is a great option for creative people who can be decisive! Simply do a chalk design, and if youre not happy with it just wipe it off.

Dye your cushions

Tie-dying has almost become something of a forgotten art. Granted it was popular back in the 70s, but there is a lot more you can do with it than the generic pattern. Pick up some different dye colours and get creative with it, you can go for squares, zig zags, the possibilities are limitless.

Re-cover lampshades

The celling and bedside lampshades a ready built and waiting to be re-covered. They arent going to follow a redesign of the room on their own, so get some fabric and do it yourself. You can have a designer looking lampshade in a matter of minutes, and well within that shoestring budget youre working to.

There are quite a few actionable tip above, and many can be applied to different items of furniture. This is proof that it doesnt need to be expensive to achieve a designer look in a bedroom, and you dont need to be a DIY expert either.