Finding A Qualified House Inspector

So you’re preparing to purchase a house because you’ve found the best house for you and your family. Now, your realtor tells you that you have to find a licensed home inspector and you say, what?

You ask your realtor what is house inspection anyway? And exactly what does a certified house inspector do?

Inspecting Your House

Before purchasing a brand-new house, a home inspection is required. This is because of the fact that in some cases a home may look all right visually but present surprises later.

For example, you may discover after you make the purchase, that the restroom faucet is dripping, the central air doesn’t work, and the roof has a bad leak. A house evaluation is conducted to avoid that from ever happening.

An objective visual examination by a professional of the physical structure and systems of a house is needed to ensure that you are purchasing a home without major issues. A proper inspection can uncover roofing issues, foundation issues, cracks in pipes, etc.

A home inspection is what you need in order to ensure that you are purchasing a house that remains in great condition long after the closing. The licensed house inspector is a professional who will notify you of any problems or symptoms of problems that are found in the
new house before you purchase it.

Aside from explaining the issues, the certified home inspector may also recommend certain fixes by the current owner prior to the closing. Generally, what he does is to summarize the condition of the home and point out if warranted, the need for repair work, and to determine
areas that might need attention in the future.

Licensed Home Inspectors for an Intelligent Buying Decision

When buying a new house, licensed home inspectors help make you make intelligent decisions. Their job is to make you aware of any issues or potential issues which will put you in a much better position to make a qualified decision on whether to purchase the home or not.

The certified home inspector not just explains the problems of a prospective house. He also finds the positives, as well the upkeep required in order to keep it in good shape.

So, a home evaluation becomes an essential part of purchasing a home. Upon the completion of the certified home inspector’s work, both parties will have a much clearer understanding of the any fixes that may need to happen and the associated costs.

The best ways to ensure a Thorough Home Inspection

In order to get the biggest benefit from a home inspection, you need to get a licensed home inspector who is certified. This ensures a thorough job of checking the physical structures and systems of the house.
Years ago there were just a few steps to follow to become a certified home inspector. And in some locations, this is still true even today, however the whole industry has raised its level of professionalism and steps required to become certified.

The elements of your home which the accredited home inspector will examine include:

The structure
The doorways
Siding and porches
The exterior including decks, balconies, eaves, soffits, and fascias
Electrical System
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
Home Interior

A licensed home inspector who is experienced and does a thorough job will lead to lots of information, some good and some maybe not so good. Either way, it helps the buyer make the best informed decision on whether to buy the house or not.